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Questions relating to the chess pieces in a general, abstract sense; questions about physical pieces (e.g. identification questions) should be tagged [chess-set] instead.

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How many points is each chess piece worth?

I am a beginner at chess; please answer this question for me. How many points is each chess piece worth?
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Is there an origin or story of where the pieces that make a chess game got their name from?

I understand why there would be a king and queen but I would love to know where the idea to call pieces what they are - such as the Rook, Knight, Bishop and Pawn - came from. Is there any background ...
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24 votes
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How to determine the value of a piece from scratch?

Assume we have a standard chess set setup, but we make a slight change so that (for example) pawns can now move two squares forward on any move rather than just on their initial move. Even assuming ...
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Why is the rook worth 5 points while the bishop is only worth 3?

Why is the rook worth 5 points while the bishop is only worth 3? Rooks only move straight, but bishops only move diagonally. Is there something that makes moving straight advantageous to moving ...
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What is a "big pawn"?

I've seen the term "big pawn" come up a few times (such as here and here), but I can't seem to trace down an exact definition. What is it?
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Number of positions with specifically a number of pieces

What is the number of legal positions in a chess game? This is a question asked earlier on the site. Now I am wondering, what can be the number of positions for a certain number of pieces. Like 8 ...
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Do strong players move their pieces with different relative frequencies than weak players?

This question is an offshoot of Ramon Snir's earlier one about how often different types of pieces get moved, on average, in a game of chess. My question: Do the relative numbers of moves for the ...
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Should a player be forced to move a piece that he has picked up after a spectator knocked it off the board?

While anyone can answer this, I do have official FIDE arbiters in mind. I am following a discussion on about the worst way you have lost a game. Someone related this story: This didn't ...
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Pressing the clock using the same hand you use to move the pieces

I participated in a club and went to training. The guy who played against me is right-handed, so he placed the clock on the right. I'm left-handed, so I play with the left hand and press the clock ...
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Chess set icons

I am looking for an examples of a free chess set icons. It would be nice if the place allow to download them, but this is not really important, as I will still need to redraw them in svg format. Just ...
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Is it legal to take a piece to the bathroom during a tournament?

If a player grabs a piece to move it, and before placing it in its new position, the player gets second thoughts about the best position for the piece, and so they decide to think a little bit more. ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Piece movement statistics

I have wondered about piece movement statistics, for example: How many times is a piece moved in average (in general, but also per-piece, as I'm guessing the Queen moves more than any specific pawn)? ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Can a player be forced to adjust a piece?

If one of my pieces is knocked off the board unintentionally, do I need to place it back on the board? Can I continue to play with one or more pieces not on the board (but still have it in effect - ...
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Relative value of chess pieces on queenside vs kingside

I've read a few variations on the relative value of chess pieces ( Q=9, R=5, N=3, B=3, P=1 ), but I've yet to encounter a variation in value according to the side of the board the piece is on. With ...
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Is holding the opponent's captured pieces legal or allowed?

There was a controversial finish in a Canadian championship, where an opponent [un]knowingly held the queen of the other player. The [victimised] player wanted to promote his pawn to queen, but couldn'...
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Worth of a piece in time

Let us say that two players are playing each other. The are supposed to be in the same level (You can take that as an equal longtime ELO). They might be playing blitz, or rapid. But suddently, one of ...
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