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For questions related to perpetual check, especially as a way of drawing a game.

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Is a both-sides forced perpetual check possible?

There are lots of positions where one side can force the other into a perpetual check. Is there any position in which there are no legal moves besides continuing the perpetual from both sides? For ...
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How is a perpetual check reached in this puzzle?

This puzzle on chesstempo caught my eye. We play as White: [FEN "4Q/4p1bk/1p1qp2p/p1p1n2B/4P/2P3B1/PP4P/6K b - - 0 1"] 1. Nf3 Side Note: The answer is of no importance here, so no spoilers ...
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A position with a choice between checkmate and perpetual check

For some odd reason I'm searching for a game, or rather a position, where one player can force a win via checkmate (can be check in n, where n is any number), but they can also force a draw via ...
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Does a KQQ vs KQ endgame position with perpetual check exist?

In such an endgame situation (no specific position), where White isn't pinning the Black queen on the first move, is it possible for Black to get a perpetual check if they move first?
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What are the specific setups to avoid perpetual checks(Queen)? [closed]

I was wondering if there certain setups with pieces, pawns, or both which avoid perpetual checks. I know an important setup is the one below where it's essentially a fortress type of a position for ...
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Term for checking piece whose opponent daren't capture it

What if any, is the term for a piece whose owner gets a draw by keeping up a relentless series of checks with it -- a paradox being that even if this player puts it en prise, the opponent daren't ...
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Looking for a real game ending by ... Nf6! leading to a perpetual check by White

My colleague Prof. Dr. S. writes a fictional story with symbolic elements involved. One of them is a simultaneous game played by a grandmaster with a gifted schoolboy. Prof. S. wants to represent it ...
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A rook up, can black end the checks and thereby win ( puzzle 74754)?

A puzzle ends at this position with white to move. Apparently, black has a win here, but running through moves with LiChess's Stockfish, I can't seem to figure out how to end the checks. ...
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Using the diagonal in perpetual queen checks?

There exists a heuristic that recommends checking from the diagonals (using a queen) in order to get a perpetual. This, I expect, is a rule that is meant for the worse player in queen and pawn ...
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What should I do when my opponent and I are "chasing" each other around?

I think this is a very noob mistake, but bear with me. Sometimes I run into a situation where my opponent and I "chase" each other around, repeatedly checking the king and escaping the check by ...
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Is it ethical to force a draw via perpetual check? [duplicate]

I was playing this game. I was white. We reached a point where my opponent could checkmate me in one move (by moving Rook to C1) but I forced him to a draw by stating that I would constantly check him ...
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What is perpetual check?

I know that there is 6 types of draws including mutual agreement, stalemate, insufficient material, 3 move repetition and the fifty move rule, but I do not know what is perpetual check.
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Chess challenge #8: British knockout championship

The British Knockout championship is taking place now as a warm-up to the London Chess Classic that starts this Friday. There have been very interesting games (especially the ones played by Nicholas ...
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He has two queens. I have one. Is it proper chess etiquette to check him non stop just to avoid losing?

I am losing a game. My only option is to check my opponent non stop. I have no chance to checkmate him. I am only hoping to force a draw. Is this proper chess etiquette?
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