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A passed pawn is a pawn with no opposing pawns on its file or any adjacent file, increasing its chance of promoting at the eighth rank.

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What is the technique to win an endgame with B + B vs R?

[title "R vs B+B"] [fen "8/4rpkp/6p1/8/8/4BBP1/5PKP/8 w - - 0 1"] The engine says that this endgame is winning for white(+2.5). Is there a technique that could be used to win this for white. I ...
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What is the maximum number of passed pawns in a position?

Something I have wondered about recently is the maximum number of passed pawns that is theoretically possible. What is the answer, and the fastest way to achieve that result?
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Why is this king and two passed pawns vs. king and rook endgame not drawable?

I aways thought that the king and passed pawn vs. king and rook endgame was always drawn. But I had two passed pawns in the below game,with Black to move, I was unable to draw the game. Why is that? ...
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Question about knight vs. 3 pawns endgame

In the following puzzle, 5. Kb6 is considered better than 5. Kc7. Doesn't Kc7 force Black to sacrifice his knight (sooner)? [FEN "8/3n4/8/1P3k2/1P6/4K2P/8/8 b - - 0 1"] 1... Nb6 2. Kd4 Ke6 3. Kc5 ...
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Are isolated passed pawns good or bad?

I frequently face situations in the late middle game (perhaps only a one minor piece and a rook or two on each side, no queens) where I can force a position (via exchanges) where both players are ...
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Promotion race between three non-confronting pawns

Two evenly matched players have reached the endgame after exchanging off all their pieces except the King and 3 Pawns. Having castled on opposite sides, we have now reached the following interesting ...
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In game 1 of the 2012 WCC between Anand and Gelfand, black ignored his passed pawn advantage. Why?

In the first game of the WCC 2012 between Anand and Gelfand, which was drawn, Gelfand had a passed pawn on a6. Could he not have exchanged the major pieces and then tried to win with it? Why was the ...
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