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For questions about games where odds have been given or about giving odds usually to handicap the stronger player. e.g. "pawn and move odds" means the stronger player is black and has the f7 pawn removed before play starts, "knight odds" means the stronger player is white and has the b1 knight removed before play starts.

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Imagine your (stronger) opponent plays this Botez Gambit. How to strategise?

My experiment is inspired by Hikaru Nakamura's "Botez Gambit Speedrun". The term "Botez Gambit" refers jocularly to the act of blundering your queen. Let's say you had the black ...
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Is chess with pawn odds still a draw?

Virtually everyone believes chess from the starting position is a draw, and the result is borne out at top level - at the ICCF correspondence chess world chess championships, almost every game is ...
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What does an equal odds game look like for a GM vs an engine?

This question began an interesting discussion on handicaps for engines that play against GMs: Engine-invented variations/hypotheticals This led me to wonder, are there differences in handicaps in ...
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King and Three Knights v/s King in end game [duplicate]

Is it possible to checkmate with Three Knights and King v/s King in end game? If yes, is this possible within 50 moves? If no, Why?
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How big a rating difference between TOP GM and a patzer would be equivalent to odds games?

How big a rating difference would be needed to justify odds games of: 1 pawn and move 2 knight 3 rook These are odds that Morphy gave to weak players. Has chess improved that much since Morphy ...
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How bad of a chess player was Alan Turing?

It is interesting that Turing worked with some of the best British chess players among them Golombek and Alexander. I am not sure how to characterize it, but he is considered a creative genius at a ...
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Can you castle with a "ghost" rook?

I recently saw this mate-in-2 problem [title "White to mate in 2"] [fen "8/8/8/2B5/2p5/1kp5/8/R3K3 w - - 0 1"] This was posed with the hint that the player of the White pieces was a strong player ...
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Play online live game against a friend with time odds

Is there an online chess site or app that would allow me and a friend to play live games against each other with time odds? I am somewhere around a low class D player. My friend is somewhere around a ...
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