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2 GM Norms in 24 hours - first time ever? reports that 17-year-old Frederik Svane has scored 2 GM Norms In 24 Hours and asks if this is a record: 17-year-old Svane, the youngest of the two brothers (Rasmus recently turned 25), ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How is it possible for a player without 2500 ELO to obtain the GM title?

I recently came across a GM who has a peak rating 2495 and has obtained the GM title after completing three norms. From my understanding, in order to become a GM one must Achieve a FIDE rating of ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can I get FIDE titles (FM, IM, GM) by getting norms in blitz tournaments only?

Could I play in blitz tournaments only and get FIDE norms, hence I can get FIDÉ titles such as FM, IM, and GM?
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Lowest rated player(s) who earned a GM norm

Who had the lowest rating when they earned at least one GM norm?
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Why do GMs participate in an "GM norm invitational" tournament?

I'm following the current GM/IM norm invitational tournament recaps thanks to GothamChess YouTube channel (IM Levy Rozman is playing). Such an event (for GM norms) requires at least 3 (1/3) GMs to ...
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