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Why do Ding and Nepo sign the board?

Both Ding Liren and Ian Nepomniachtchi signed the board with their pen in round 6 (an example video). I think I saw a similar thing in the previous rounds as well, but I have never seen such thing ...
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Has Carlsen been given a deadline to announce his WC intentions?

In the current World Championship cycle Magnus Carlsen has a psychological edge on Nepo. While Carlsen already knows who he is going to face in the WC match, Nepo has to wait for him to announce his ...
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Before Qe6 in game 6 of the 2021 World Chess Championship, was it really a draw?

In game 6 of the World Championship 2021 between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi, before Qe6 the engine says +0.9 at around depth 30/99, but I heard supposedly it's a (theoretical) draw. I know ...
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