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Paul Morphy (1837-1884) was a legendary American chess player. After beating Adolf Anderssen in a 1858 match he was regarded as the strongest player in the world.

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Would studying the games of old players hurt my progress?

I was watching a video last night by Ben Finegold on Paul Morphy and some of his games. He mentioned that some current GMs would discount Morphy's ability since all of his opponents were "terrible". ...
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How can someone find their Morphy number?

The Morphy number is a measure of how closely a chess player is connected to Paul Morphy (1837–1884) by way of playing chess games. It's analogous to the Erdős Number for mathematicians. People who ...
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Puzzling phrases

While reading about Paul Morphy's games I have come across several instances of phrases like "playing his fellow townsmen at odds of Knight or Rook" or "he extended his offer of Pawn and move to any ...
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Was Paul Morphy a slow player?

In Milan Vidmar's book Goldene Schachzeiten he writes that the brilliant Paul Morphy was known to be an extraordinarily slow player, who would probably have had a hard life if time control were part ...
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Chess games similar to Morphy versus the Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard

In college I memorized a few chess games, and the only one that has stayed in my memory is Morphy vs. the Duke. [fen ""] [Event "Paris"] [Site "Paris"] [Date "1858"] [Result "1-0"] [White "Paul ...
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Paul Morphy vs Henry Bird missing games.

The Historical Chess Ratings page claims that Paul Morphy played 12 games with Henry Bird, with a final score of 10.5 - 1.5 (Kasparov's book My Great Predecessors Part I also mentions this (page 55), ...
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How come Paul Morphy has lots of weird and wonderful games? [closed]

Paul Morphy, from what I’ve seem, seems to have been a master of making weird and wonderful games, such as his famous kingside castling checkmate game. Are there any particular reasons for this?
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