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Questions about the middlegame. The middlegame is the stage of the game after the opening has been completed and most of the pieces have been developed, but before the endgame. In the middlegame, the plans usually revolve around trying to improve one's own position and win material from the opponent, or sometimes, to deliver mate to the opponent.

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What happened actually in the game Kreschmer - Laue, Aisenach 1951?

7k/3R2pq/pb3N2/1p4Qp/5p2/1PP2P1P/1P4PK/4r3 w - - 0 1 In a german book, Spass am Kombinieren (Joy of Combination) by Albin Pötzsch, it is claimed that White played h4 and lost to Rh1 with soon mate. ...
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