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Questions about the middlegame. The middlegame is the stage of the game after the opening has been completed and most of the pieces have been developed, but before the endgame. In the middlegame, the plans usually revolve around trying to improve one's own position and win material from the opponent, or sometimes, to deliver mate to the opponent.

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Database of every possible move in chess

Imagine that there is a chess database of every possible move and position. This database contains all possible moves from opening to end game. If I played using my intuition against a chess engine, ...
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When does the middlegame end and the endgame begin?

Is there any specific point where the middle-game ends and end-game begins? E.g. after x number of pieces are exchanged, or say 40 moves, etc.
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Understanding Kramnik's play in game 1 of Candidates 2018

The position I'm studying is the middlegame part of the game 1 of Berlin Candidates 2018 between Kramnik and Grischuk, which Kramnik won with the white pieces. In particular, I'm interested in ...
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How can I learn combinations without a chess book?

I would like to become better and stronger at spotting combinations. I can't buy any chess books at the moment. What's a good website for learning combinations?
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What's a good middlegame book like My System for Expert Class? [closed]

I just finished reading My System. What's a good book to study afterwards for Expert Class?
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General advice for middlegame [duplicate]

This is a very basic and general question (and my first on this website), so feel free to tell me if this is inappropriate. Besides specific strategies and opening sequences, there are some fairly ...
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What goes through the mind of a chess player in the middlegame?

What goes through the mind of a chess player in the middlegame? After learning how to move the pieces, after understanding how the game is divided into stages, and after finding that openings can ...
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In the middlegame, can one avoid compromising the balance one's opening has achieved? [closed]

A polite duplicate asked last week by @57Jimmy mentions an incidental matter I find interesting: But when all the pieces are out, well placed, and I have castled, I have no idea about what I should ...
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Strategy in middlegame from boring positions

I get into these rather vanilla, or as I call them, boring positions. Not much is happening tactically, and I can't fathom what the right course of action should be strategically. Here is an example....
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30 votes
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As a beginner, how do I learn to win in "won" positions?

I'm fairly new to chess (~3 months) and I have almost entirely been playing on where my rating sits somewhere between 1000 and 1100. Recently, I decided to sign up for, where I ...
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How to improve on the early endgame?

The late middlegame/early endgame is by far my weakest point. I often get some kind of advantage in the opening, but then struggle to convert. I do study endgames, for example I am currently reading ...
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Can't find long term plan for Black

I am working on multiple lines from Scandinavian defense, with the goal to resurrect them. One line I'm working on is 3...Qd8, and I have managed to achieve quite playable positions ( the results are ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Best books on middlegame strategy?

What are the best works trying to systematically summarize all middlegame themes and strategies: e.g. space advantage, pawn structures, exposed king, minority attack, isolated pawn, hanging pawns, etc....
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What are examples of grandmaster games where both Black and White castle opposite sides and the queenside players loses?

I want to become better at attacking my opponent's king when they castle queenside. What are some grandmaster games where the player who castles queenside gets mated or loses due to a powerful attack ...
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How did chess change over the 2010s and should I keep anything in mind for buying books from before 2010?

I presume I am being overly paranoid regarding this, and I definitely don't intend to turn away from older books at all, but were there any developments opening-wise, middlegame-wise, or endgame-wise ...
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Middlegame plans

It is said that today openings are connected to middlegame plans and even with potential endings. But I can't find those middlegame plans, except for some occasional comments in opening books. In fact ...
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