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Questions tagged [memorization]

A reference to consigning information to memory. One can memorize specific strategies, opening moves, or even endgame techniques.

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3 answers

What do I do in unfamiliar openings?

Recently I lost to an FM in 28 moves due to lack of opening knowledge. Can someone help me out and summarize the general principles to follow in unfamiliar openings? Please make it easy to memorize.
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Is it better to memorize openings or to simply rely on personal intict and improve that? [duplicate]

While answering this question, I started to wonder is it even better to memorize openings or to simply rely on personal instinct and improve that? As in is relying on your instinct better than ...
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Memorizing openings

I have tried learning openings recently, as I feel my opening isn't very strong and most of my games openings just lead to a slow decline in my position. I have a lichess blitz rating of 2075. I have ...
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How do I remember my analyses?

From How do I analyze my game after playing?, I've been annotating my games after playing. I used to turn on the engine immediately to see my blunders, but recently I've been analyzing without engine ...
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How do you remember mates with names?

I am working on the Yusupov series. In the first book he introduces Anastasia and Arabian among others. What I am a little uncertain about is the following issues. How do you remember them? How do ...
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How can I practice not blundering in the opening? [duplicate]

For a couple days now I have been searching for a way to practice openings. I do not want to memorize a specific opening, I want to exercise in responding to my opponent. I'm looking for some kind of ...
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How do I find good games to memorise for the openings I play?

I have read other questions like this and I find people responding "just doing tactics is less effort and helps more". But personally, I find it really easy to memorise things, so I'm ...
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Looking for tips on memorizing positions

After watching a series of ChessBase India videos on YouTube, it is clear that GM's can easily remember 100s (possibly 1000's) of positions. Look at this one example by Vidit Gujrathi: https://www....
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How to efficiently memorize games?

I want to memorize some games so that I can replay them in my mind without a board. The reason for this is that I think it could be helpful for improving my strength. I want to be able to fully replay ...
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How can I remember Silman's imbalances?

I can never remember Silman's imbalances when it comes time for a tournament. I can remember them any other time when I'm not all stressed out. Is there any way that I can?
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2 answers

Chess study methods / memorisation techniques from before the computer-based SRS era

Some of the other questions on SE discuss the use of spaced repetition systems such as Anki and Mnemosyne to learn tactics, openings and other aspects of chess (see especially Effectiveness of a ...
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2 answers

What does chess theory refer to?

I hear some people say certain players only win because they know/memorized a lot of theory? I don't know the "official" term for these types of players but it makes me concerned because hopefully I'm ...
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3 answers

Vitamins to improve memorizing of variations in chess

Has anyone tried vitamins for improving memory? How about Memo Plus Gold, has anyone tried it? Do you think it will improve memorizing theories and variations?
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Learning my favorite grandmaster games by heart

I am novice with average of 1000 -1500 elo. If I start learning games played by grandmasters by heart, as in memorizing them, does it help me improve my chess skill, or it is a useless waste of time? ...
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What alternatives are there to Chess Position Trainer?

CPT is software for testing (among other things) one's opening repertoire knowledge. I'm wondering if there are any other similar pieces of software I should consider.
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Chess games similar to Morphy versus the Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard

In college I memorized a few chess games, and the only one that has stayed in my memory is Morphy vs. the Duke. [fen ""] [Event "Paris"] [Site "Paris"] [Date "1858"] [Result "1-0"] [White "Paul ...
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Opening tree graph

I found this tree and found it an excellent visualisation: Could anyone provide me with a graph that includes all common chess openings but to a lesser depth?
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Does swapping the colors of the squares affect the gameplay?

If for example, the bottom-left square is light instead of dark AND we place the queens in their colors: By affect I mean psychologically, etc., because it is pretty obvious that everything you can ...
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Memorizing the board

I'm always experiencing difficulties while trying to visualize what moves a tutorial (or an answer here for that matter) is talking about unless I have a chessboard with coordinates nearby. Is this ...
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