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Questions concerning the mathematics of the game of chess, or chess-related mathematical pursuits.

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What is the longest sequence of increasing White moves with only White pieces?

Inspired by a comment by @Evargalo on this question, I ponder how long a sequence can last where each turn, White has more available moves than the previous turn, in a situation with only White pieces ...
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Estimate the max length of chess game under WFCC?

The World Federation of Chess Composition (WFCC) has a Codex that specifies how the FIDE Laws apply to chess problems. Can you give a ballpark estimate of the length of the longest game possible under ...
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Is armageddon more fair in a Vickrey auction? Eg Magnus & Hikaru bid 8:58 vs 8:59 in 2023 Airthings Masters

I believe armageddon is fair only if they bid, but just because they bid doesn't mean it's fair, i.e. bidding is necessary but not sufficient to be fair. Which side has the advantage in an Armageddon ...
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