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Setting Stockfish at 2900 strength for a match against top 1-5 GMs

Obviously stockfish 15 is well above the capabilities of any human to even draw a game, Hikaru Nakamura needed a handicap of 2 pawns from the side of Komodo only to lose 1.5-0.5 in a mini match ...
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Has there ever been a consultation chess match?

Inspired by How much stronger is a team of GMs compared to a single GM? All the chess matches I'm aware of have been 1v1. There have been team competitions such as the Olympiads, but I am not sure if ...
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Is there a difference between +W -L =D and +W =D -L?

Is there a difference between a player's tournament or match result being reported in the format +W -L =D and in the format +W =D -L? (where W is number of wins, D is number of draws, L is number of ...
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What was the role of the second in top level matches?

What was the role, the duties, etc. of the second (e.g. GM Ray Keene was Korchnoi’s second in the 1978 World Championship match vs. Karpov), and is this figure still present in contemporary top level ...
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Question on chess commentary in written form

I'm new to English chess notation and have never read or heard chess commentary in a broadcast or publication form. I'm trying to decipher the following commentary ICGA's footnote to caption: ACM CCC,...
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During the 1984-1985 Karpov-Kasparov match, what was Karpov's initial weight?

When discussing whether chess is a sport, I have often used that Karpov lost a reported 22 pounds (10 kg.) during the match as a point to show that chess can be physical. While 22 pounds is ...
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