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Questions tagged [master-games]

Games played by demonstrably skilled players such as FIDE IMs and GMs, or those of similar strength pre-FIDE.

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Have any full rank-and-file piece specifications ever been required in a masters level game of chess?

According to the rules of algebraic notation, in order for a move to be recorded with rank and file for both starting and ending square (eg, Be5f4), there would need to be, at a minimum: three pieces ...
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Grimshaw in practical (OTB) game

Does anybody know of an example of the Grimshaw-Theme being used in a practical game? For the Nowotny there are several examples (e.g. Navara-Dergatschova, Ordix, 2007) and for the Plachutta there is ...
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Mutual Zugzwang positions from practical play

The following fascinating position recently arose in Round 5 of the ongoing Tata Steel tournament. [Title "Ju Wenjun - Alireza Firouzja, Tata Steel, 2024"] [FEN "8/2pk4/6p1/2P4p/3PR2P/...
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8 pieces on one file in a master game at standard time control?

In today's (21st May 2023) game in the Superbet Rapid and Blitz between Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Levon Aronian they reached a position where the c-file was fully occupied with pieces and pawns. [...
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Do the majority GM losses came from "Not seeing the [opponent] move" or being outplayed in calculation/positional play

The best way to understand this question is probably imagine a situation where the player can peek at his opponent next move after each potential move of the player. In other words, The player knows ...
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