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Questions tagged [macos]

For questions about chess programs running on the macOS operating system.

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SCID on Mac doesn’t load database on startup

I installed SCID on my Mac (Ventura 13.1) and I was able to load a database of games. I right clicked and selected “Load at startup” but after I close and reopen SCID I only see the Clipbase. I tried ...
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Macintosh: Seeking client with better listing format than Stockfish

I currently use the Stockfish client on my Macintosh, but don't like the way it displays the moves (left to right, no line breaks between moves, annotation in-line, branches hard to follow). Are there ...
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Game analysis app for Mac?

I am using a Mac and trying to find an app that can analyse the whole game and tell me where the mistakes/inaccuracies/blunders are, instead of just telling me what I should do for the next move. The &...
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Is there any GUI for Stockfish which allows comments in macOS Big Sur?

Currently I use the built-in Stockfish app that's in the Apple Store. But unfortunately, I can't put comments in the moves. I would really appreciate it if you can give me good recommendations other ...
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Mac - Chess App

I was trying to play chess on the included chess app on mac, and after the computer's turn, it will not allow me to make any move at all, and I am 100% sure I am not in check as the game just started, ...
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What is the native Mac Chess app's rating? Is there a good alternative?

I can't find anywhere what the rating of the Mac's native Chess app is at each level. Is there a Chess app for Mac that shows the strength bar during the game?
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2 answers

Stockfish: How to do so it only gives hints to one color

When using Stockfish it gives options/hints for both white and black. How do I make it so it only shows hints of moves for black? I am using mac.
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2 answers

Compiling asmFish on macOS

I have been able to make a custom build of asmFish on Linux. However, I have been unable to do so on macOS. I've seen a Mac version of the FASM compiler on the Internet. But when I tried using it for ...
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2 answers

How do I install SCID Chess on a Mac?

I tried to download SCID for Mac and when I downloaded the latest version, I got a When I extracted this, I get a bunch of folders and source files. How do I launch this application? I ...
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How to get a ChessBase learning product (Video + Cbh) to run on a mac?

example: If I were to purchase a lesson video like this product from ChessBase, how do run and learn from it using a Mac ?
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2 answers

Playchess client for Mac

Is it possible that world's most famous and most popular chess server Playchess is not available in any desktop application for Mac OSX? It is possible to reach it through Deep Fritz for Windows, but ...
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5 answers

Mac Desktop Client for FICS

What are good chess clients for Mac, that allow playing on FICS. Nice-to-haves are an opening book, plug-and-play engines, and scoring of chess positions. EDIT: For completeness, note that Jin does ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to use Houdini with SCID on Mac OS?

I have recently moved to a Mac. Immediately I've installed Scid (looks very nice on the Mac) but I couldn't find a way to use my Houdini as a chess engine. Supposedly, it should run with Wine, but I ...
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Alternatives to chessbase on OS X

Most of my chess preparation and studying used to revolve around ChessBase products. I stored my databases and notes in .cbh files, used computers with the ChessBase interface to study and do ...
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