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A chess variant in which the goal is for each side to lose all of their pieces. The player who runs out of pieces first, or is stalemated, wins. It also known by other names, such as Antichess, Suicide Chess, and Giveaway Chess. It was weakly solved as a win for White in October, 2016.

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When is K vs K+R in antichess winning? How to win these endgames?

Note: This is not a question on standard chess, where obviously K+R vs K is a win for K+R. Here are two example K+R vs K positions in antichess, both having white to play and white having K+R. ...
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Is there a winning strategy for Losing chess?

Losing chess has been proven to be a win for white, with the opening move 1. e3 The proof consists of a number of huge game trees which show that each variation must end in a white win, but is there ...
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Losers Chess variant engine [duplicate]

Is there a strong Losers chess variant engine? I had a look at stockfish, but it doesn't support Losers chess, seemingly. (to be used on a Linux platform)
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What are some ways to get better at Antichess?

I have recently found out about a new chess variant called antichess. I was wondering how to get better at it. Are there any opening moves or strategies in antichess that might help beginners in this ...
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Antichess piece value

What is the point value of each chess piece in Antichess? I think they don't need to be negative values, because you're just going after the lower valued ones. In particular, I wonder what the value ...
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What are the best openings in Antichess?

I am experiencing Antichess and it's more forcing than normal chess. What are the best openings for white ? Is there any winning opening whatever the black does respond? Antichess, according to ...
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Has loser chess been solved?

Loser chess has a benefit of sorts. There are many turns where moves are forced. So my question is, has it been solved? I'd say that the move tree is much smaller than chess. If not: How much would ...
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Antichess pawn promotion

The rules of antichess specified in Wikipedia state that the rules of regular chess should be followed except Capturing is compulsory. When more than one capture is available, the player may choose....
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Chess engine - Losers variant

I often use the Pulsar engine to analyze my Atomic games for better play (post-mortem). I definitely learn something, since I am not as smart as Pulsar. I am interested in doing the same thing for ...
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