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For questions ask about irregularties in the laws of chess such as whether or not something is allowed.

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Can you castle twice in Chess960?

Consider this Chess960 game. (Warning: moving backwards through this replayer will result in an incorrect board state. See Board playback and Chess 960 for details.) [FEN "rnkqbbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/...
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Touch move rule loophole

When I touch two pieces simultaneously, how will the touch move rule apply? How is this rule used for this situation? I could not find any resources to do with this situation.
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Does a loophole still exist in the defintion of castling?

Castling on the e-file with a promoted rook, an idea immortalized by Tim Krabbe and Max Pam, is no longer legal since FIDE amended the wording to state that castling is an actionn on the first/eigth ...
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When was it possible for a player's king to be attacked by 3 of the opponent's pieces?

According to the current FIDE Laws of Chess: 3.9.1 The king is said to be 'in check' if it is attacked by one or more of the opponent's pieces, even if such pieces are constrained from moving to ...
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Can a player resign after checkmating their opponent?

A friend of mine recently told me that once, he checkmated his opponent and then immediately resigned because he thought his win was unfair. This happened in a FIDE-rated tournament. Searching the ...
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Official rules for castling in Chess960? (Is there a loophole?)

Note: this is another rules-lawyering question. I first ask for an official source I am calling into question the phrasing of the rules. Then I consider a few plausibly official sources, and point ...
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Is rotating a pawn so that it faces a different direction and then moves in that direction technically permitted according to the 2018 FIDE Laws?

While browsing the Chess and Puzzling Stack Exchange sites, I've come across several instances where people have found loopholes in the rules of chess, causing these loopholes to be patched out ...
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What is the result? (Rules + puzzle)

[EDITED to include followup - EDIT 2 to include definition of position] This is in part a genuine question on the FIDE Laws of Chess, and in part a small puzzle to solve. Suppose that during a long ...
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Is castling possible with a pawn promoted to a rook?

I was thinking about some rules and I came up with a really nice question. Is it possible to castle with a pawn promoted to a rook? If the rules are followed-neither the king or the new rook has ...
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Underpromoting a pawn [duplicate]

Is it legal to underpromote a pawn to opponent's pieces? For example, in the below position, promoting White's pawn to a Black knight will be a win. [FEN "r7/kPR5/8/K7/8/8/8/8 w - - 0 1"] [...
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If you exploit Article 12.9 in FIDE's Laws of Chess, is it possible to benefit yourself by purposely receiving a penalty?

After I received this answer on my previous question, I found the list of penalties which a player can receive, according to FIDE guidelines. As FIDE states in Article 12.9: Options available to the ...
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Do the official rules of chess forbid promoting a pawn to a piece of the opposite color?

Not that it would be everyone's first choice, but it is possible to concoct positions where having an extra piece block your opponent's moves and thus gives you an advantage (think blocking an escape ...
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