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Related to the chess engine Leela, also known as Lc0 or Leela Chess Zero, an open-source adaptation of Deep Mind's AlphaZero.

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22 votes
3 answers

Why is Leela so good at beating Stockfish in the French/Slav?

I notice Lc0 is especially good against Stockfish in French / Slav pawn structures. However, I don't understand why. Here're a couple of games where Leela smoothly outplays Stockfish. Can anyone ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Alpha Zero vs Lc0 - time for self-play

Alpha Zero defeated Stockfish after only 9 hours of self-play. On the other hand, Lc0, has been training for several months and while attaining impressive strength (to say the least...) it's still not ...
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Leela chess zero weight files

I'm using Leela chess zero for a couple of days and found a couple of weight files here. But what is the place to be for weight files? I can imagine that lc0's strength is determined by the weight ...
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