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Questions tagged [learning]

Questions related to learning how to play chess and improving your chess skills. This can also be used for questions concerning "learning" chess engines.

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Strategies specific to bullet chess

I have reached 2200 bullet on Lichess, and want to start preparing chess specifically to get better at bullet. Just like chess as a whole has strategies and techniques to learn, I wanted to know what ...
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Resources to learn the Open Sicilian

As per the title, I'm looking for resources to learn the Open Sicilian. In particular, I would like to understand general themes and pawn structures instead of memorizing precise moves. For the record,...
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Requesting Information On Books

I believe books are the best substitute for having a coach, and it's the path I've chosen. Recently, I've completed Ilya Maizelis' The Soviet Chess Primer, which has left me with a solid foundation, ...
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Tools to study positions with partial information?

TL;DR Is there a chess engine or other tools to study a "position" where the exact location of certain pieces is not known? From the following chess position, a plan could be to win the a2 ...
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