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Questions related to the Russian Grand Master and former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik.

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Understanding Kramnik's play in game 1 of Candidates 2018

The position I'm studying is the middlegame part of the game 1 of Berlin Candidates 2018 between Kramnik and Grischuk, which Kramnik won with the white pieces. In particular, I'm interested in ...
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Why is White's "25. Bh4" considered a great move in Karjakin vs Kramnik at FIDE Candidates Tournament 2018?

I was watching Karjakin vs Kramnik at the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2018, Round 9, and simultaneously observing the chat feed at, where people unanimously glorified the move 25. Bh4. Why ...
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What does "knights have no long-lasting support points" mean in this game?

In this article on pawn structure, the author uses this game as example: [Event "Prague 2008"] [Site "?"] [Date "????.??.??"] [Round "?"] [White "David Navara"] [Black "Vladimir Kramnik"] [Result "0-...
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Is the open Catalan a gambit?

I have been looking at the open variation of the Catalan game, where White seems not to extremely worry about conceding the pawn with 4...dxc4, going for calm development instead. One notorious ...
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How do Kramnik and Topalov indicate a resignation when they play together?

From What is the correct resignation procedure? it is clear that, although FIDE has no special rules governing on how you resign, it is common to either offer your hand or make some sort of ...
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Can White win the endgame from game Kramnik-Carlsen, London 2010?

[Title "White to move"] [fen "8/6p1/7p/2k5/8/p5P1/B5P1/6K1 w - - 0 1"] Can White win this endgame?
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Kramnik - Karjakin in the FIDE Candidates 2014, was 8...f5 correct?

In the game between Kramnik and Karjakin shown below, the opening was a bit strange and the resulting position was odd. I am wondering, was 8...f5 correct? Was it a novelty of sorts or when did the ...
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Analysis of Viswanathan Anand vs Vladimir Kramnik in the 2013 Zurich Chess Challenge?

I was taking a look at the game between Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik in the 2013 Zurich Chess Challenge which can be found here: A few ...
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