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89 votes
7 answers

When is castling possible?

Is castling possible if any of the squares involved in the castling are under attack, or is this a problem only if the squares moved through by the king are under attack and not the ones moved through ...
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9 votes
6 answers

Can the King be attacked by a pinned piece? [duplicate]

A computer chess game does not permit moving the white King to d2 presumably because it's attacked by the black Knight which I suspect is correct, but the Knight can't actually attack that square ...
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19 votes
5 answers

How do you checkmate with a rook?

How do you checkmate with a Rook and King versus King? Is there a good and fast method? Can you explain it in a good way? Thanks!
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3 votes
6 answers

Can two Kings stand next to each other?

My white King is separated from the Black King by one square (between) which is protected by my white rook. I moved my white King next to the black King putting him in check (from the square ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Is it technically a checkmate if the king is not in check, but all moves will result in check?

In other words, after white's move, black king is not in check. It is now black's move, but any move that black could make results in check. Is this a checkmate? Is there a chess term for this ...
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2 answers

With only a king left, how many moves remaining until a draw?

I am a beginner in chess. If I have only a king left, how many moves does my opponent have to mate me?
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23 votes
9 answers

When is castling needed?

I am a rookie in chess. I can't understand why castling is needed. In what scenarios is castling useful?
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20 votes
5 answers

With only the King left, how can you get a draw?

Let's say I have only the King left. I've read several rules and posts of people saying there is a limit to the number of moves your opponent has to check mate you in, but there are some ...
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12 votes
2 answers

What happens after two kings stay on the board?

A lot of times my sibling and I have played chess and have ended up with just two kings. We have never known what would happen next. Two kings on the board would somehow result in an infinite game, as ...
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1 answer

Moving into check?

I will try to be specific. I was playing a game, and the only piece my opponent could move was their king. It was taking forever for me to checkmate the king. I had a queen, two rooks, and a few pawns,...
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4 answers

Why is it a good idea to fianchetto above the castled King? If I do that, should I make sure to leave the Bishop there for a while to guard the hole?

I understand why fianchettoing can be helpful, even deadly to an opponent, but should it really be done on the side which the King castles into? I realize that the King's Indian Defense/Attack ...
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13 votes
5 answers

Can the king capture his attacker?

Can the king get out of check by capturing his attacker? For example, if the queen comes right in front of the king, can the king capture the queen, or must another piece capture the queen?
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10 votes
3 answers

Chess variant where king is captured

While trying to teach my 4 year oldson the rules of chess, I found it difficult to explain the rules of check, checkmate and stalemate. Having already explained the moves of each piece and how ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Could two kings force checkmate against a lone king?

I was looking at minimal combinations of material needed to force checkmate (K+R, Q+B, R+N+N, etc). You end up with a sort of threshold of how much material is needed, and that sort of assigns a ...
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7 votes
5 answers

What are key squares and critical squares?

What is the best definition of key squares in king and pawn vs king endgame theory? Please provide graphics if possible. Is there a difference between "key squares" and "critical ...
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3 answers

Is this the quickest way to clearing the board to two kings? [duplicate]

Is 21 moves the least needed to get board down to 2 kings? [FEN ""] 1. e4 d5 exd5 Qxd5 Qh5 Qxa2 Qxh7 Qxa1 Qxh8 Qxb1 Qxg8 Qxb2 Qxg7 Qxc2 Qxf8 Kd7 Qxf7 Qxc1 Ke2 Qxd2 Kf3 Qxf2 Ke4 Qxf1 Qxe7 Kc6 Qxc7 ...
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