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Sergej Karjakin (born 1990) is a very strong chess grandmaster representing Russia. He became a grandmaster at the age of 12 years and 7 months, the youngest in history.

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Why is White's "25. Bh4" considered a great move in Karjakin vs Kramnik at FIDE Candidates Tournament 2018?

I was watching Karjakin vs Kramnik at the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2018, Round 9, and simultaneously observing the chat feed at, where people unanimously glorified the move 25. Bh4. Why ...
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Why are these weak squares important in this situation?

I'm watching a video on weak/strong squares. I think that I understand the concept, but not exactly why they are important in this game (Carlsen-Karjakin): The video explains how Carlsen maneuvered ...
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Short castle in Trompowsky

In recent 1st Match between Maguns & Karjakin, started with Trompowsky. How can Karjakin prefer catsle even g file is open ( g × f6 at 3rd move ). Whats idea behind it?
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Based on their separate and mutual records, what chance does Karjakin have against Carlsen?

I was slightly disappointed with the recent result at the Candidates. Karjakin won, but I just don't think he can match Carlsen for the WCh title. What is the most accurate prediction of the ...
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Could Karjakin have grabbed on g5 at move 56 against Anand in the Candidates 2014?

After 55...Rb2, we got the following position in Karjakin - Anand (Candidates 2014, round 13). Well, how about Nxg5, does it work? [White "Karjakin"] [Black "Anand"] [FEN "8/8/6k1/4p1p1/4P1Pp/5P1N/...
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Which World Champions other than Viswanathan Anand had a jolly personality? [closed]

First of all, congratulations to Viswanathan Anand for winning the Candidates 2014 tournament and qualifying for a rematch with Magnus Carlsen later this year! I saw this interesting gesture made by ...
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Kramnik - Karjakin in the FIDE Candidates 2014, was 8...f5 correct?

In the game between Kramnik and Karjakin shown below, the opening was a bit strange and the resulting position was odd. I am wondering, was 8...f5 correct? Was it a novelty of sorts or when did the ...
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