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For questions relating to chess and IQ or intelligence

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15 votes
4 answers

Did Fischer really have a 180 IQ?

I have read many times that Bobby Fischer had an IQ of 180. Did he really have that high of an IQ? Does anyone have proof that he was ever even tested (like a citation from an early book about him)? ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Are there innate limits in chess performance?

Are they tied to IQ and amount of deliberate practice, and if so, does that mean if you know the player's IQ you're able to estimate the time of deliberate practice spent learning?
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5 votes
7 answers

Does chess improve our intelligence?

This is my first question in Chess, so I hope my question is simple. I know about chess but I am not a regular player. But my friend told me that everyday play chess is good for your mind and also ...
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3 answers

Is high IQ necessary to become a GM?

There is an option in the Swiss Manager pairing program which allows you to download into the program the current list of FIDE registered players (for many individual federations also). Once it is ...
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