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For questions about identifying e.g. a historical chess game or a problem based on partial information.

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Who is this chess player photographed on Sputnik Mediabank #972762?

Can someone identify the chess player in this photo? The source of the photograph is Sputnik Mediabank #972762, where the caption says: International chess Grandmaster Mikhail Tal watching a game. ...
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I am looking the author of specific position

Who is the author of this study? [FEN "q7/8/8/6R1/7R/k7/P7/6K1 w - - 0 1"]
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Can you identify the manufacturer or specific design of these chess pieces?

I was wondering if anyone could identify the manufacturer of these chess pieces, or possibly the name of its design (beyond just "Staunton". It's correct I think, but want to know more)
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Where to find the game "Brauner-Sollig Hildesheim 2001"

In a lesson from they presented this game. The blunder is so big that I wanted to check more about this game, but I cannot find anything online. Brauner-Sollig Hildesheim 2001
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Is there a real version of the chess puzzle from The Yiddish Policeman's Union? If not - can it be made?

I will preface this by saying that the following contains a spoiler for Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union, so tread carefully. Chess features heavily in the book and a major plot point is ...
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What is the name of the style this knight is in?

My grown kid is looking for a chess set of his own. In that process I got curious what style the set I inherited from my grandfather is in. It is most likely bought in Europe in the period 1930-1950. ...
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Does the Chinese chess (xiangqi) board at Beijing's 东四 subway station have any significance?

There's a 象棋 board on one of the platforms of Beijing's 东四 subway station; I took some photos of it: I tried my best to get decent photos of it, but it's hard to get the angle right, and there's lots ...
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Question about a chessboard's material I found this chess board made of a certain type of wood. What exactly is Black Anigre?
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Who is this quote from?

My memory tells me that this quote: Whenever someone says that he is better than me, I checkmate him is from Capablanca. But I haven't been able to find it. So maybe it isn't from him or that quote ...
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Looking for a webpage with chess puzzles in which you had to mentally play a couple moves before an interesting position arised

As per the title; instead of the typical chess puzzle in which a side has to play and find the best move, you were given a couple moves and then were asked about the resulting position. I guess I ...
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Name for the "folding magnetic chess set" variant?

Does anyone know the name of the chessboard variant where you fold a standard board along the line between the d-file and e-file, to get a double-sided 8x4 board? A piece on top can move past the edge ...
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Who is this person in this image?

I think many chess players saw this image when playing older versions of Fritz as the option "coach is watching." But out of curiosity, who is the person in the image? Is he a grandmaster?
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Castling vertically problem

I've once saw a joke chess study about castling vertically. However, I have forgotten who has composed it. I remember that in the positions, all the pawns were locked, but not much else. Does anybody ...
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Where can I find this game with a sacrifice followed by a long series of checks leading to a discovered mate? [duplicate]

I am looking for a chess game and frankly, I really know very little about it. I remember seeing it somewhere on the Internet. The game goes something like this. A player (either White or Black) ...
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Chess variants-Anyone recall the name for one that has a "superpiece" with the movements of the queen and knight?

What is the name of the chess piece in a variant game where there is a piece that moves like the queen AND a knight? Is there a name for this variant?
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12 votes
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Identify a problem where a potentially winning move draws because of the 50 move rule

I'm trying to recall a particular chess problem. It's related to retrograde analysis. All what I can remember is this: it's an endgame where there is only one way to reach the position, and during ...
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Looking for an old problem that I can't quite remember

I remember seeing a particular chess problem awhile ago on YouTube, but I can't find it. The problem's theme was something about caging in the Turkish king, and the video mentioned it as being old. ...
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King or Queen-Which piece is which?

I recently bought a set of wooden chess pieces, which I liked for its simplicity. I'm not sure, however, which one is supposed to be the king and which one is supposed to be the queen. I would say ...
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Where can I find these mentioned chess problems?

In his article “The Horse Concoction", Tim Krabbe mentions retrograde analysis problems that involve placing 10 rooks, knights, or bishops on the board for a mate in 1. The 10 rooks problem shown ...
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Can you identify the design of these chess pieces?

I was wondering if anyone could identify the name of this chess piece design, or possibly the name of its designer? It's obviously not the standard Staunton set.
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I need help Identifying this chess set

I need help identifying this chess set, I got it from my father and he says it is from Poland and on the broken board it says it is made of crystal bohemia.
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Identify this chess set with heavy painted metal pieces

Could someone please help me identify this chess set? I purchased this from a flea market because I love the look of it. It now sits in my game room so the paint won't wear off. I have looked all ...
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8 votes
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I need help Identifying where exactly this set came from

I need help Identifying this. My grandfather was in ww2 and at one point in the navy he went to Russia and met a Russian Naval Officer to whom he traded for this set, and the officer said he got it ...
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Spectacular queen sacrifice game

I once watched a famous chess game that I can't find anymore and maybe someone could help me find it. The game I watched evolved somehow natural until one moment: player1 sacrifices its queen. The ...
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Can you identify this game with a mate in 12?

I vaguely remember it being from a game played in the USSR ca. 1960. I'm certain it was from before 1985. [fen "2k1r2r/ppn3pq/b7/5p2/5Qn1/2N1B1P1/1P3PB1/2RR2K1 w - - 0 1"]
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Trying to locate an old problem

A friend of mine showed me a great white-to-mate-in-three puzzle back in the late '50s or early '60s. Unfortunately he doesn't recall it. I can remember a few things: It was composed by someone from ...
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A chess story about three sailors

There was a book of chess stories that I had read some time ago. In one, there were 3 sailors who had made a deal with Devil for a crystal because of which they were unbeatable at chess. They saw the ...
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