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Why are there no strong ASIC-based chess engines?

If I'm correct (I may be not) there were no attempts to hardcode any strong chess engine directly into silicon and try to optimize it all the way to the transistor level. Is there any reason for that, ...
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Help me choose hardware configuration

I am preparing to buy a new desktop computer. I would like to use it for chess analysis with both StockFish and Lc0. My budget is slightly above 2K euros. QUESTIONS: This is my first time ...
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What is the Elo rating of Stockfish version that played AlphaZero?

AlphaZero has defeated Stockfish with all novelties and brilliant strategic sacrifices. But some people were disputing its win, because Stockfish was running on weak hardware (1 GB RAM), not access to ...
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Hardware used in AlphaZero vs Stockfish match

I understand that AlphaZero has to use a different kind of hardware than regular Stockfish. I would expect that the hardware has a large effect on engine strength. That's why I wonder whether there ...
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E-Ink/Digital Paper for Display

I like to play with my favourite android chess app on a tablet. On the other hand I like the sun in my room. I the sun is too strong, then up to now I go to a dark area in my room. Is there a way ...
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Does anyone know who currently owns Novag's intellectual property?

With Novag being gone for a while now, I'm wondering who ended up with their intellectual property - in particular, the software that ran their computers. I'm aware that there are some ROM images of.....
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Most important aspects of computer for scanning through databases in Chessbase?

A quite technological question so this is for the tech-people out there! What are the most important parts of a computer for Chessbase Database searching? For example, opening reports and reference, ...
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