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Tag relating to the Grob opening, an unorthodox chess opening beginning with 1.g4

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What are the ideas behind Grob's Attack (1. g4)?

What are the strategic ideas of the Grob's Attack? Is it meant to initiate a kingside attack? Or is it meant to grab space on the kingside and use that space to maybe initiate an attack in the center ...
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1 answer

Grob Opening lines

I sometimes play the Grob in blitz, where most of my opponents attack my g4-pawn with 1...d5. However, some opponents play 1...e5, leaving me in a weird position. Is there any way to play against 1......
4 votes
1 answer

Borg and Grob comparison

The Grob is a white opening which starts with 1.g4. The Borg(reversed Grob) is a black opening which goes 1.e4 g5, or 1.d4 g5. Since White is a tempo up in the Borg, what difference will this make? ...