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The Greek Gift is a bishop sacrifice for an attack against the enemy king, usually by White, and then characterized by the moves Bxh7+ and (most of the times) Ng5 and Qh5. This is otherwise known as the classical bishop sacrifice.

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Why doesn't greek gift work in Pozsonyi vs Pataki 2005? Or does it?

original game. i'm asking about move 21. [Event "Ch Hungary (team) 2005/06"] [Site "HUN"] [Date "2005.12.04"] [Round "?"] [White "Istvan Pozsonyi"] [...
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Three Pieces in the Attack

As a kid, my coach, an International Master, was repeating "if you have three pieces or more in the attack you can sacrifice without thinking!" However, don't take this rule too literally! Chess is ...
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Tips on The Greek Gift

I always have problems in executing The Greek Gift. This a position which I got in a recent game : rn1q1rk1/1b1nbppp/p3p3/1p2P3/3N4/2NB4/PPP1Q1PP/R1B2RK1 w - - 3 13 Even though the Knight is not ...
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How can I get a collection of chess games with a 'Greek gift' sacrifice?

I would like to make a collection of chess games that feature the 'Greek gift' sacrifice. There are few games on annotated with this sacrifice. I could find blogs with individual ...
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Common sacrifice themes in attacks? [closed]

What are common sacrifical themes in mating attacks? For example, the Greek Bishop Sacrifice.
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