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Questions about the fivefold-repetition rule, which automatically ends a game.

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What is the need for repetition rules given the 50 & 75 move rules?

Given the existence of the (optional) 50-move rule and the (mandatory) 75-move rule, are the (optional) threefold-repetition rule and the (mandatory) fivefold-repetition strictly necessary? Do the ...
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EXTENDED New Year's Math Riddle: 5-fold repetition & 75-move rules

This puzzle extends Rewan Demontay's New Year Math Riddle. Rewan asked (essentially): if the players co-operate, what's the largest number of times a given diagram can occur in a game before reaching ...
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Quintuple repetition and the FIDE's 2014 rulebook revision

How does the new quintuple-repetition rule work, please? To be clear: my question does not concern how likely the rule and its cases are to arise in practical play, but rather just what the rule is, ...
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