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Fictional works (novels, films, etc.) that feature chess (games, players, ...) or that are mainly about chess.

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Chess players in tv commercials?

There are a lot of tv commercials featuring football players, cricket players, etc. How about chess players? Two commercials come to mind. Kasparov vs Machine Pepsi Commercial Korchnoi Milk ...
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Difference between chess puzzle and chess problem in this episode of The Queen's Gambit?

While a chess puzzle is any puzzle involving aspects of chess, a chess problem is an orthodox puzzle in which one must play and win or draw a game, starting with a certain composition of pieces on the ...
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Harry Potter Chess Analysis

So, I've been reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. If you haven't read the book yet, or watched the movie, and you don't want any spoilers, stop reading this question. Continuing, there ...
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Does the new Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit" resemble any real life chess master?

Recently, a Netflix series has been launched entitled The Queen's Gambit which surely created a lot of hype in the chess community. Does the protagonist Beth Harmon resemble anyone (fully or partially)...
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Example of a Karpov vs. Kasparov game with a controversial move

Full disclosure: I'm not a regular chess player. This question is because I'm writing a book about alternate timelines, and I want to use a game in a real life famous chess match as a point of ...
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Way to Logically Predict Approximate Chess Rating in Pop-Culture Games [closed]

After seeing a video of an analysis on the chess game in A Game of Shadows between Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, it made me wonder what their fictional ratings would be around. Other games like the ...
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Retrograde analysis of a position in "The Flanders Panel"

Has anybody tried to verify the retrograde analysis of a game from the book "The Flanders Panel" by Pérez-Reverte? So far, I have found only a board reconstruction in a post on The ...
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What is/are the bests poems about chess?

I know only a couple. Fictions refers to movies or novels but not poems. Do you know any of them?
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Does anyone know the anecdote about Ostap Bender?

every now and then I have heard the saying "1. e2-e4 -- The favorite opening move of Ostap Bender." In Alexei Kornev's book "A practical white repertoire with 1. d4 and c4" the author writes: Ostap ...
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A chess story about three sailors

There was a book of chess stories that I had read some time ago. In one, there were 3 sailors who had made a deal with Devil for a crystal because of which they were unbeatable at chess. They saw the ...
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Is there fiction dealing with retrograde chess analysis?

I am interested in retrograde analysis problems, where the question usually is: 'What was the last move made?' or 'Where did the piece stand on the board before it fell from the table?' etc. ...
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