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Looking for the right size for a box in which to store my chess set

So I have this nice chess set that was gifted to me some time ago. The thing is that I don't have a proper box for the pieces (the set came in a card box, good for transportation but not for everyday ...
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What are some non-functional features of a chess clock that would help choose the best for ones use?

All chess clocks time the match. Some just time, some add delays, some add on, and other have variations for TIMING. What else might be a factor in deciding to buy a clock that is primarily for ...
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Is there a list of ALL features that are available on some chess clock?

Is there a list of all features that are available on some chess clock? I played speed chess last week and somebody had an old clock with features I had never heard of before. So add, delay, both, ...
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Where to buy my favorite magnetic chess set

From childhood I have this favorite chess set which I use every day. The Black King and Queen no longer have the small white balls on their heads and the board is scratched in many places. I would ...
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4 answers

Do chess clocks typically provide count up features?

I've decided to purchase a chess clock for productivity at work, and I really like the dual display of the chess clock: one timer for work, another timer for fooling around. However, I'd like to know, ...
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What are some good quality magnetic chess sets? [closed]

I'm looking for an attractive (probably all-wood external) magnetic chess set that has reasonably strong magnets and pieces of relatively normal size; I've had enough of the chintzy plastic ones with ...
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Where can I get a nice set for Capablanca chess?

Because I'm odd, I'm interested in obtaining a nice-looking set (that need not be portable) for Capablanca chess, the third world champion's chess variant which is played on 10 x 8 board and features ...
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Where can I get a reliable and user-friendly, but not extravagant, chess clock?

I'm looking for a reliable and user-friendly chess clock, but I don't want to spend $50 (under $25 would be preferable). I'm not sure whether analog or digital would be better for me - so one ...
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