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How can I download Syzygy tablebases efficiently?

How can I download Syzygy tablebases (5-man or 6-man) as quickly as possible without clicking hundreds of links at a mirror? Is there a verified torrent available that will probably download faster ...
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Export all of my played games from

How can I export all my games played on For example to import to another program for analysis. Exporting from the games list only shows the most recent 50 games.
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2 answers

Looking for a Horowitz game

I just remembered a puzzle from a Horowitz game in which he played white against an Italian (I believe) player whose name started with "M". The black queen was defending f6, preventing Bxf6#. There ...
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How To Get Chess Titans on Windows 8/10

I have noticed that the new Windows 8 and 10 do not have my favorite games, specifically Chess Titans. I really want it so, how can I get Chess Titans on my Windows 8/10 PC without getting a Windows 7 ...
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Database of correspondence games?

Where can I find databases of correspondence games? I prefer freely available ones, but commercial products can also be suggested.
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How to convert ChessBase format files to .pgn?

While downloading some games I came across some files in ChessBase format: .cbv .cbf .cbh I would like to know if is is possible to convert these files to .pgn format without using proprietary ...
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What is the best way to get games for the multiple editions of The Week In Chess?

I am looking for getting all games played in 2013 as quickly and painlessly as possible. A batch file to download many ziped pgn files would be non-ideal, but ok. I prefer the Week in Chess as a ...
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