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A double check is a move in which one moves and gives check, while also revealing a check from a piece behind it. A double check can also be created through promotion and en passant.

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Escaping a double check

Escaping a double check The answer to Is it possible to block a double check? says Moving the king is the only way to escape a double check. There is no possible other move that will block both ...
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Why is offering draw not recorded but giving a check recorded?

In recording a game, one typically does not record offering draws (if yes, how and is it required?) while one does indicate that a particular move gives a check by using + (or ++ for double checks). ...
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If a pawn promotes to a checking piece while also revealing a check, it is a double check?

I'm writing a chess engine just for fun, and during the validation of movement generation, I found some positions in Perft Results that differ from what my engine is producing. As an example, take ...
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Is it possible to block a double check? [duplicate]

Is it possible to block a double-check, or is your only option to move the king? (I'm trying to code a chess game, to then go on to code a chess AI, and this would really help me)
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Has promotion with double check ever happened in a professional game?

Promotion is common in many games, and is sometimes comes with check. But something I have never seen in a game is a promotion that comes with double check like this example illustrates. [FEN "8/...
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What is the longest possible sequence of double checks?

The record for the most mutual checks in a legal position is known. But what is the record for double checks? There is one rule-threefold repetition applies. Four criteria exist-promoted pieces ...
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