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Using latex for Killer Chess Training homework club?

Killer chess training gives out worksheets like every week. They ask students to do three things: ...
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Programming FEN diagrams

I'm thinking about creating ANKI flashcards deck with my games positions as a training tool. Is there a way to programmatically (can be whatever programming language, I'll figure it out) generate ...
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Upside down diagrams

In the good old days when I saw a chess diagram I didn't have to guess which way the pawns were going; there was a convention that the white pawns moved up the board. When and why did upside down ...
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How to study chess?

I am a beginner, I have been playing from time to time with friends since I was a child, but I never studied seriously. A couple of months ago I decided I want to become better, to play more seriously,...
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Software suggestions to make printed chess exercises for kids

I'm planning to create a bunch of printed exercises for kids of different levels. I am still searching online for ideas and software suggestion. I wonder how other coaches here have solved this ...
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High-quality (not bitmap) diagram software

I'm looking for software that can take FEN and generate a high-quality diagram, in PDF, Postscript, Windows metafile, or something else that will look good at 1200x1200 dpi or better. I thought the ...
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How can I scan a chessboard and obtain its FEN?

I am planning to create a chess puzzle book for beginners. Diagrams need to be published in the book. Right now I have all the materials in PDF. But I need a software to create diagrams for a ...
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Continuous-motion animated chess diagrams

Looking for a tool to create animated diagrams from a PGN file. The usual way that animated diagrams are created is through the animated GIF file which shows separate positions with a fixed time delay ...
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