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"Active maneuvering by the player in an inferior or defensive position" (from Wikipedia)

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What is counterplay?

I hear this term in online commentaries. I have a vague sense of what it means: you earn yourself some good moves by ignoring a portion of the board and focusing on more promising parts of your play....
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Main idea of Bird's opening

I want to ask a question about Bird's opening (1. f4). My question is: What's the main idea of this opening? Is 1. ... d5 the best counter to 1. f4? Why 1. ...d5?
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As Black, how should one respond to 4. Qe2 by White in the Russian Game, Damiano Variation?

I recently played a game as Black. My opponent and I transposed into, according to Lichess, the Russian Game, Damiano Variation, when White played 4. Qe2. I wasn’t sure how to reply, and I ended up ...
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How should I play after, or refute, the Tennison Gambit?

I played a game as Black in which I fell victim to a gambit trap and soon resigned. Stockfish labled it as the "Tennison Gambit." [FEN ""] 1. Nf3 d5 2. e4 dxe4 3. Ng5 Nf6 4. d3 ...
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Imagine your (stronger) opponent plays this Botez Gambit. How to strategise?

My experiment is inspired by Hikaru Nakamura's "Botez Gambit Speedrun". The term "Botez Gambit" refers jocularly to the act of blundering your queen. Let's say you had the black ...
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How do you punish this opening?

I’m a fairly new player, with a FIDE rating of around 1000. I'm really wondering what’s wrong with this opening. It’s the Indian variation of the Nimzo-Larsen, but it’s a different line. I like to ...
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I do a lot of silly mistakes in Chess. What exercises would benefit me? [duplicate]

Some of the mistakes are so unbelievable that they really are just that. For example losing a queen to an opponents position which I should have seen beforehand. My frame of focus is not on the full ...
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How do I become better at counter play when I'm down in material?

How do I practice counter play when I'm down material?
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What should be my move as white and what kind endgame should i target?

I played this game with an AI. I played brilliantly till this position presented itself.
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