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This tag refers to chess games played by computers. If you want to ask a question about those games, use this tag. Otherwise, use the tag [engines].

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How to filter out games with evaluation from large PGN file?

I have a huge 100M games in one PGN file - some % of it is stockfish evaluated, I want to use pgn-extract to extract those evaluated only, Is there a way of doing so? examples of games with and ...
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Why is futility pruning causing an Elo drop in my engine?

I'm getting weird results when introducing futility pruning into Blunder. On the one hand, I'm getting a pretty sizeable reduction in nodes, and I'm searching a full ply deeper for some positions (e.g....
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An interesting position from a Stockfish vs Leela zero game

What happens in the following position from a Stockfish vs Leela zero game , in the 20th Superfinal? The position is the following , with White to move. FEN 6k1/6p1/7p/b6P/8/4B1PK/5P2/8 w . Or WHITE ...
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