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For questions on, about, or relating to the art of composing chess problems and studies.

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Creating a Position with Defined Possibilities within N Ply (for engine testing)

DEFINITIONS The definitions of "cook" and "dual" I'm using (which are the standard definitions if I understand them correctly) are: Cook: A position where the attacking side, on ...
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Is it possible to compose a checkmate with king and any three minor pieces against bare king in the center of the board?

I am running a small chess school for beginners. During a class I asked a child to compose a checkmate position using only king, bishop and knight against the opposing king in a corner. Then I made ...
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Term for checkmate where every participating piece attacks exactly one square around king

I am looking for the term for a checkmate position which is an aesthetic feature for a chess composition. It is closely related to pure mate. I shall say that a piece (incl. pawn) participates in the ...
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Position where promotion to bishop is the unique best move?

Let me define the problem clearly so as to avoid confusion. I am trying to find a position where: The unique best move is a promotion move. Said move needs to be promotion to a bishop. Not a queen, ...
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Positions in which only a single long sequence of correct moves avoids forced checkmate sequences

So for n steps, one player can only choose one out of many moves, because all others lead to forced checkmate sequences. Only one path from the root to the leaves of the game tree avoids a certain ...
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What is the longest checkmate problem a human has composed?

Well, I looked at some long checkmates, and I wonder, what is the longest checkmate a human has composed?
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Attempting to create a retraction problem

I am trying to create a retraction problem, but I am unsure if it is sound, and I do not know where to find resources on them. I have two questions. Is my problem correct? I am not giving a solution ...
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What is a “dual” in chess problems, such as the Babson task?

I’ve read up on Babson tasks, and they mention that all known tasks are not perfect because there are duals. I’m not sure what this means exactly. What precisely is a “dual” in chess problems?
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Does FIDE give titles to chess composers?

Does FIDE give titles to chess composers? If so, do share more insight about the how-tos and other links to read.
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Concerning a chess problem generating program

Are there any programs that can generate a huge amount of different interesting chess problems? Are there any programs that can make a lot of retrograde analysis problems?
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About how to compose retrograde analysis problems

Are there any books or articles devoted to composing retrograde analysis problems? It seems that you would need some techniques beyond ones for standard problems.
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Problem: Find White's second-to-last move

For the following position to occur in legal play, with Black on move, what would White's second-to-last move need to have been? Note that Black is checked by two pieces on the h1-h8 file and two ...
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How to learn basics of composition?

There are a few resources in the web for problem composers. Problem is the usually assume you are already part of the community. As a result one has to wander around to find out what is a grasshopper, ...
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What makes a contemporary chess problem decent?

One can set up some pieces and concoct a situation that has, say, a mate in 3 (yes, I know it is not straightforward, but if you sit for a few hours you can do it). Such problem would probably not be ...
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