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Questions tagged [children]

Questions about how children play or learn chess, or how to teach it to them. For questions about teaching chess to children add the tag [teaching]; for questions about how children learn chess, add the tag [learning].

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What is the earliest possible age to start teaching children how to play chess?

My daughter is 4 years old, and she plays checkers very well for her age. She asked me if she can learn how to play chess too. So I am interested in what is the best age to start teaching her. Is it ...
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How should I make a 6 year old think more?

I have been teaching my 6 year old daughter chess for past 2 years. She plays reasonably well. She often defeats level 25 in Chess Lv 100 app and sometimes Level 6 in app. So I am guessing ...
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13 answers

Why do so many children stop playing chess?

I've spoken to many people who played chess as children; some of them were very good players, playing at the national level. Around age 11 or 12 they stopped playing chess competitively and lost ...
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What is the easiest possible way to start teaching children how to play chess?

As a followup to What is the earliest possible age to start teaching children how to play chess?, I'm wondering: What is the easiest possible way to start teaching children how to play chess? The ...
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Why do children move so quickly?

I played a game against a 6 years old child where I launched a strong attack against the poor child: [fen ""] [white "Me"] [Black "6 years old child"] 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 ...
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Is there a trick to help kids know which direction pawns are going?

My 5-year-old old daughter very often forgets which direction a pawn is moving. This is confusing especially at endgame studies. I use a marker pen to draw two eyes on the pawns so that her pawns are ...
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Where to start with a child learning chess?

From here: What is the best age to learn chess? it seems that consensus is that that kids can start learning chess at almost any age. From around 5 years old they are big enough to learn the names ...
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"Daddy, why don't you take the e4 pawn?"

I play with my 8-year old daughter chess often and about half of our games start with these moves: [FEN ""] [StartFlipped "1"] [StartPly "7"] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 ...
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When should I introduce chess clock to a child?

My five-year-old daughter has learnt the rules of chess and is able to play complete games by herself. I do not have a chess clock and she has never used one. I am wondering if I should let her start ...
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As a coach what is the process to create a repertoire for a child?

I started coaching a child (11 yo) part-time. Has to be said that I am passionate about chess, and I am myself 1992 ELO and am new to coaching, but I like sharing and explaining. At first I was ...
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How can I make my child interested in playing chess?

I am just an OK player and I wish for my eight-year old kid to learn chess and be interested in it too. Can you please give tips/ideas as to how can I make my child interested in it?
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6 votes
4 answers

How to play with my child?

I have an online rating of around 1500 and my 8-year-old daughter's playing strength is approximately 900 and she LOVES playing with me, despite losing most of the time. Here I am seeking suggestions ...
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Teaching chess to children

I am a father of a 5 years old who shows a keen interest to play. Probably as a result of the fact she sees me playing all the time, or because she noticed she can get any dad time she wants by asking ...
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Is there research on how successfully chess can discipline children?

According to the article Armenia makes chess compulsory in schools, Armenia made chess mandatory in school for the sake of discipline. A lot of people in the real world don't work together to organize ...
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Where can I find chess tournaments near me for kids or teens?

Where can I find chess tournaments near me for kids or teens? I am 13 and in the U.S.
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What chess book or teaching approach is this from my childhood?

When I was little (mid-late 90's) my mom taught me to play chess. She had a book, which looked pretty old at the time (perhaps from the 70s but I could be off by a decade or more). The book outlined ...
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Does learning chess make you smarter?

I noticed that a lot of chess experts state or imply that teaching kids to play chess is good for them. I wonder if there have been any reliable studies of this (As in, randomized controlled trials)? ...
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Which countries have (or had) chess as a compulsory component of their national curricula?

The only country I know of that definitely has chess as a compulsory subject on its national curriculum is Armenia. Are there any others? I think Paraguay may be one. Please take "national ...
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Chess app with king captures

I am in pretty much the situation of this question: I'm trying to teach my four-year-old son the rules of chess, but the concept of "checkmate" is too abstract for a small child, so I want ...
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How old was Judit Polgár when she learned to play chess?

I found a few publicly accessible biographies of Judit Polgár, including details of her early life. According to the biography on her website, she was 9 when she first won an international chess ...
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Estimating the "final" strength of a kid

The short answer is of course "You can't". There are too many variables (e.g. the amount of special training). Also, ratings are not reliable, if even existent (looking at the current kid ...
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What is a good size chess board for an eight-year-old?

I'd like to buy my nephew a folding wooden chess set for his birthday. When I played with my own children when they were smaller it was hard for them to go more than a few minutes without fidgeting ...
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How do you encourage juniors to play slower?

Question to chess coaches: the common problem with beginning juniors (ages 5-8 years old) is very fast playing. What are your methods to convince/encourage your pupils to play slower chess?
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What was the youngest age at which a prodigy could be considered to have been a master?

There is a photo of Reshevsky playing at a very young age (like 8) against many adult players but there were no ratings in those days. I assume that a modern GM who got the title at 12 must have been ...
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