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For questions about the boards used for playing chess.

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5 answers

Chess set icons

I am looking for an examples of a free chess set icons. It would be nice if the place allow to download them, but this is not really important, as I will still need to redraw them in svg format. Just ...
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8 votes
3 answers

What are some good quality magnetic chess sets? [closed]

I'm looking for an attractive (probably all-wood external) magnetic chess set that has reasonably strong magnets and pieces of relatively normal size; I've had enough of the chintzy plastic ones with ...
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What are the characteristics of a good chess board? [closed]

I just read the question: What are some good quality magnetic chess sets? and I was left with a few more general questions: What is a comfortable board size for home vs travel? What height of chess ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Wrongly placed chessboard - what happens?

What happens if the chessboard is kept with black square on right hand side instead of white square? I think that the notations will change. In the new positon, the White king will be positioned on a ...
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2 votes
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Opening a chess club

Beside the chess sets and clocks, what materials are needed? I took care of the place, I'm talking about chess materials needed. Now lets talk about the materials, I would like to buy them this week, ...
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What chessboard companies are the most reputable? [closed]

As a follow up to my original question What are the characteristics of a good chess board? I was wondering what companies are the most reputable for chessboard construction. Since I am just a beginner ...
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