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Chess960 is a chess variant in which the positions of the pieces are decided by lot. The point of Chess960 is to stress understanding and calculation, not memorization. Use this tag along with the tag [chess-variants].

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What site/s has/have different ratings for different time controls for Chess960?

Both lichess and and have ratings for live chess960, but this is regardless of time control. Please recommend a site that has separate ratings for different time controls for chess960. there'...
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Why Chess960/9LX and not Chess959?

This question asks if Chess960 is really Chess960 and not Chess959, i.e. the dice are really not re-rolled (positive, instead of normative). The answer is yes, it really is. However, why is Chess960 ...
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Is there a strategy to win chess960 games?

Chess960, a variant where the backrank pieces are all randomized subject to a few constraints, is a variant of chess where you cannot really memorize openings. Is there a strategy in chess960 so it is ...
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