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For questions about the different careers in chess, e.g. player or coach.

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2 answers

How to become a chess photographer?

I have a keen interest in both chess and photography. I absolutely adore the works of David Llada, Lennert Ootes and their kin. My question is, if one wants to become a chess photographer, what is the ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Why do top GM's "retire" from chess? [closed]

After Kramnik's recent announcement, Nakamura also said in a interview that he will retire from chess at age 40. I am curious why a super GM feels the need to "officially retire" from chess ...
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5 answers

Am I too late to be a professional in chess? [duplicate]

I am at the age of 32 and my current rating is 1600. Is it too late to be professional in chess? I love chess from my whole heart, what should I do?
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18 votes
3 answers

Careers in Chess

What are the different career options in Chess? The obvious and famous one is being a professional player, and the next best one is that of a chess coach. What are the other careers that involve ...
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