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Was there ever a time when the goal in chess was to capture the king?

The modern rules of chess, except for the stalemating being a draw, are basically equivalent to a game in which the goal is just to capture the king, not checkmate him. It's plausible that in the ...
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What is the etiquette (or tournament rule) for the act of capturing a piece?

There are a few different possible ways of capturing an opponent's piece. You could: Pick up both your piece and their piece simultaneously with both hands, then set your piece down where their piece ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Which piece is least likely to be taken?

If one were to analyse a large number of chess games, which specific piece (not type of piece) would be found to be taken the least number of times? And yes, in light of SomePatzer's comment, besides ...
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Chess variant where king is captured

While trying to teach my 4 year oldson the rules of chess, I found it difficult to explain the rules of check, checkmate and stalemate. Having already explained the moves of each piece and how ...
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Maximum number of captures in a position

I was wondering what the maximum number of captures in a position is, either in a real game or a problem.
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Openings that reach endgames? [duplicate]

I'm looking for some openings for white and black that have a high probability of trading queens early on without being significantly worse. Does anyone know any openings that fit this criteria?
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