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Questions tagged [capablanca-chess]

Capablanca chess is a chess variant created by Capablanca, played on a 10 x 8 board with two new pieces, archbishops and chancellors.

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Can someone explain the playing style of the great Jose Raul Capablanca?

I have heard that he plays intuitively(maybe based on themes), but can someone give an example? How did he manage to reach such heights despite his laziness for calculations? Doesn't that mean even ...
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Recent research, or analysis sites, about some chess variants?

I would appreciate some links to recent (within the last 8 years) chess variant analyses and research. As to standard chess it seems like the source code for a lot of the computer chess programs ...
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Where can I get a nice set for Capablanca chess?

Because I'm odd, I'm interested in obtaining a nice-looking set (that need not be portable) for Capablanca chess, the third world champion's chess variant which is played on 10 x 8 board and features ...
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