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Bullet chess is chess played at extremely fast time controls, typically 1 minute for the entire game (for each side).

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19 votes
5 answers

What are good openings for bullet chess?

It is evident that bullet chess has a different set of strategies from regular chess. It follows, therefore, that certain openings will be better or worse relative to their normal chess counterparts. ...
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19 votes
4 answers

In the endgame KQ vs K, can you premove your way to checkmate?

This is a question concerning online blitz chess. I'm sure we all have experienced having a completely winning position, but only having a few seconds left on the clock. After one such game I started ...
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13 votes
7 answers

What are some common chess traps?

What are some of the most common traps to be aware of? I am talking about examples such as The Fishing Pole Trap The Lasker Trap in the Albin Counter Gambit The Rubinstein Trap in the Queen's ...
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