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Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik (1911-1995) was a Russian chess Grand Master. He was the World Chess Champion from 1948 to 1963 with a few interruptions.

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2 answers

What is the origin of this breakthrough combination?

If you've spent enough time in the world of chess, it's not unlikely that you've come across the following position, with white to move and win, or an essentially identical one. You'll see plenty of ...
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Kasparov quote reference

Kasparov apparently said: By strictly observing Botvinnik's rule regarding the thorough analysis of one's own games, with the years I have come to realize that this provides the foundation for ...
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Playing Styles of Fischer and Botvinnik

They say Botvinnik had 'scientific' approach to chess and Fischer's style was crystal-clear. What does it mean? Could you please enunciate about the styles of these masters in a more lucid way?
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Where does the phrase "Botvinnik moment" come from?

In his analysis of the first game in the 2018 world championship, Antonio Radić says that on move 9. ... b7-b6, Carlsen took six minutes to make a move that he probably already knew: And now ...
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Where can Botvinnik's analysis of Botvinnik - Gligoric, Tel Aviv 1964 be found?

I have seen an old post in a chess forum referring to Botvinnik's own analysis of the game presented below. I have searched, but did not find it. Where can the analysis be found? If you can provide a ...
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Why was 20.Qe3 so good in Botvinnik-Sorokin?

Why was 20.Qe3 so good in Botvinnik-Sorokin? It doubles the pawns, and doesn’t do much else.
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Why did Lilienthal resign after (37. Rc1) in Lilienthal vs Botvinnik (USSR Championship, 1945)?

It seems like Lilienthal's 37. Rc1 prevents black from placing his Rook on Rb1 and give chessmate helped by the black Nc3 What is the obvious way to chessmate for black here? Game: Andre Lilienthal ...
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What was the time control of the 1960 WCC match between Tal and Botvinnik?

I'm reading Tal's great book "Tal - Botvinnik, 1960" right now. He does an excellent job in his annotations and even writes down how much time each player had after each move. However, I don'...
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