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Blitz chess is chess played with very short time controls, typically 5 minutes per side or less.

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Which format should i choose to improve my chess skills (Blitz chess or Standard time control chess)?

I always play both blitz and standard time control chess games. But in blitz I make a lot of mistakes and I'm not able to find a lot of good and tactical moves whereas in standard time chess format I ...
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If I like both the Caro-Kann and the Slav, is it a good idea to answer 1. d4 with 1... c6?

I was just wondering, if as Black I normally play the Caro-Kann and the Slav (but I slightly prefer the Caro-Kann), is it a good idea to answer 1. d4 with 1... c6!? I looked in an opening database, ...
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What is the strongest chess engine for blitz time controls?

There are all kinds of lists of the strongest chess engines at standard time controls. Here's one I picked more or less at random. But does anyone track which engines are strongest at faster time ...
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Do the rules of blitz chess allow a draw to be claimed if the position is dead drawn?

Consider this objectively drawn position that occurred in the Fischer vs Spassky 1972 match, game 12. Suppose this position occurred in a blitz game where Black barely has few seconds remaining on his ...
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FICS rating vs FIDE Elo

I know that is hard to establish an exact equivalent, but I was wondering what is the factor P in this equation: FICS_BLITZ_ELO * P = FIDE_ELO following personal experience. I mean, if you use to play ...
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Guidelines for preparation for a Blitz tournament

I have been playing chess for many years now in with my friends and online. But I will be participating in first ever chess tournament of my life in few days. It is a FIDE rated Blitz tournament. ...
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How to improve my blitz skills?

As far as casual chess goes, I'm a fairly average player. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, but I'm generally able to avoid obvious blunders, think a move or a couple forward, etc. However, since I'...
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How high is the level of professional blitz tournaments?

A GM has an elo of at least 2500, and Magnus Carlsen has an elo of almost 2900, so I think you can safely say that most games between grandmasters at a level of 2400-3000 elo. This is obviously very ...
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Blitz games relation to opening theory?

How do blitz games help with your opening theory? I thought they would not help because you might tend to make a lot of mistakes during blitz or is this the reason, to keep playing them over and over ...
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Why do titled players always play online (blitz) speed chess?

If you have been to an online chess server, you will notice that almost all titled players always play quick games (3 0) at a max. On the other hand, if you go to tournaments, it needs cool thinking ...
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Is it possible to improve by playing mostly blitz?

Can you improve significantly in chess by playing mostly blitz (say, 3 0) games? Or will you eventually reach a wall where the only way to advance is by sitting down for lengthy periods analyzing ...
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13 votes
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What are some common chess traps?

What are some of the most common traps to be aware of? I am talking about examples such as The Fishing Pole Trap The Lasker Trap in the Albin Counter Gambit The Rubinstein Trap in the Queen's ...
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Is the World Chess Blitz Championship for Robots going to be broadcast over the Internet? [closed]

Does anyone know if the World Chess Blitz Championship for Chess Robots in Moscow is going to be streamed over the web? Sounds really cool and I'd like to see it.
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Is taking the opponent's king an illegal move?

In competition blitz games, making an illegal move and then pressing the clock forfeits the game if the opponent claims the illegal move as long as they do not make a new move, as a new move would ...
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What are good openings for White during a blitz game?

It seems as though White can easily dominate the tempo in a blitz game through a strong, aggressive opening. Is this the case? What openings are strong for White when there is a short time limit (e.g.,...
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Skills required for blitz/bullet vs. correspondence chess?

I've started playing blitz/bullet (fast) games and felt like I was getting moderately good at it (1 - 10mn games), but then I switched to correspondence chess (1 - 5 days/move) and it seems to me that ...
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