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Blitz chess is chess played with very short time controls, typically 5 minutes per side or less.

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Is taking the opponent's king an illegal move?

In competition blitz games, making an illegal move and then pressing the clock forfeits the game if the opponent claims the illegal move as long as they do not make a new move, as a new move would ...
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List of chess players by their peak FIDE blitz rating

I've come across a list of the highest FIDE ratings ever achieved by all 2700+ players in the This shows all the players above 2700 in classical ordered by their FIDE peak rating. It ...
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Is it sportsmanlike to waste opponents' time by giving check at the end of the game?

In Blitz games, with very little time left for both players, is it acceptable to keep on checking the opponent and waste their time and win the game on time? Is that true sportsmanship?
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Why do people say blitz chess can be bad for your chess?

I keep hearing blitz chess is bad for you but the I've only been offered two explanations for why that is. The first reason I've been told is that it ruins your ability to focus since you it forces ...
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When losing in blitz, is it rude to play to win on time?

In blitz, I frequently find myself in a position where I'm hopelessly losing on the board but have a good chance of winning on time (and the other way around). Is it generally considered good ...
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What is some basic advice for playing blitz or rapid?

A decade back i used to play chess, but just OTB and without time control. I now got back into chess and often play something like 15+10, where I very rarely lose on time and I am now rated ~1500 on ...
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The illegal moves in Carlsen-Inarkiev

In the first round of the World Blitz Championship in Riyadh. Magnus Carlsen played Ernesto Inarkiev and the game ended strangely. [FEN ""] [StartPly "53"] [Event "World Blitz ...
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Are there statistics on the results of armageddon games at the GM level?

I've tried finding statistics on the results of competitive armageddon games played at a high level (say, GM level), but to no avail. Evidently, these statistics must exist, as for example FIDE ...
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What are some common chess traps?

What are some of the most common traps to be aware of? I am talking about examples such as The Fishing Pole Trap The Lasker Trap in the Albin Counter Gambit The Rubinstein Trap in the Queen's ...
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What are good openings for White during a blitz game?

It seems as though White can easily dominate the tempo in a blitz game through a strong, aggressive opening. Is this the case? What openings are strong for White when there is a short time limit (e.g.,...
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How to improve blitz chess rating?(Time management)

I have a blitz rating of 1900 on Lichess and I can't seem to improve from there. My road to 1900 was fairly quick, but I have been stuck in 1900. My Classical rating is higher than this, so I know ...
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Which format should i choose to improve my chess skills (Blitz chess or Standard time control chess)?

I always play both blitz and standard time control chess games. But in blitz I make a lot of mistakes and I'm not able to find a lot of good and tactical moves whereas in standard time chess format I ...
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Worth of a piece in time

Let us say that two players are playing each other. The are supposed to be in the same level (You can take that as an equal longtime ELO). They might be playing blitz, or rapid. But suddently, one of ...
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