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Best practice ( is the best way of doing something or the recommended way of doing something in a high-quality manner.

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How does lichess lessons compare to's? [closed]

Both Lichess and have lessons that I have tried out briefly. I have the perception (paid) lessons ( and even Youtube lessons are much broader and ...
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What do the dollar, plus, brackets and hash symbol indicate in chess moves notations?

I have a doubt about the notations of writing down moves. Also, all these examples are from real games in the database so I don't think the players were analyzing by trying out different moves etc. I ...
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Is it more helpful to play with a titled player than to play with a chess engine?

I can choose to hire a titled player to play with me; at the same time, playing with the computer is usually free and more flexible. As far as improving one's chess skill is concerned, is there more ...
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How to train tactics methodically

In sports, there are often times methodical ways to practice. In tennis, for example, you don't just play matches or just practice forehands, you practice hitting forehands cross-court deep into the ...
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What is the best way to research openings and endgames in a browser?

Basically, I just want to know if there’s any easy way to use websites to practice endgames and openings by just opening my browser. I keep finding downloads to Windows programs, which is a problem ...
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Why is my theoretical knowledge is not coming to any use?

For the last few months, I have been reading "How To Reassess Your Chess (I expected at least this book to work), "Simple Chess," "The Art Of Attack," some ending book, "...
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Can playing too much chess make you see everything as chess moves?

According to this answer, some schizophrenics who compulsively play chess a whole lot see everything as chess moves. I looked for an alternate source of that information through a Google search and ...
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I play better on the board than online. How can I play better online?

I live in a small town. I only play a couple of tournaments a year and about two rapid games a week with my teamates. Therefore, playing online should be my primary source of practice, but I find it ...
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Blunder checklist for strong playrs

I find myself having to use checklists of really simple stuff (like going over all captures, checks, threats, tactical themes, changes after a move) quickly in order to avoid very basic oversights ...
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Are blitz or bullet games better for improvement?

If I have ten minutes’ spare time and want to use it to improve my chess, is my time better spent playing one blitz game or five bullets? (I’m taking blitz to be 5min each and bullet to be 1min each) (...
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How or what to practice when mentally exhausted?

You had a long day and your batteries are drained. You would like to improve your chess though. How to do this in an appropriate or maybe even restorative way? Should you practice at all or do ...
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Checklist before you make a move

What is the checklist that you generally follow before you make a move? I would generally look first for forcing moves (checks/captures), then moves that give me some positional edge. It would be ...
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False calculation of chess moves

At the start I must admit that I am not the brightest chess player, so this just might be a stupid question but: Calculated Chess moves have been determined to be infinite, as I am given to ...
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Endgame training for a 7 year old kid

My 7 year old son plays competitive chess. He can checkmate with king and rook nicely. He can make a queen from a single pawn & king. Now, how to proceed for further endgame training?
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Can you objectively determine who was the best chess player of all time?

There have been a number of statistical attempts (e.g., chessmetrics and edo) or computerized attempts to determine who was the best chess player of all time. The statistical approaches attempt to ...
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Is it beneficial to play themed practice games?

While practicing, is it advisable to play themed games? For example, playing practice games using the Sicilian Defence, or the French Defence. I play at an intermediate level. I have ...
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How to exploit an opponent's time trouble? (no increment)

Supposing my opponent has little time left and I have much more than him (e.g. 10 minutes to 50, or 1 to 5, or 20 seconds to 1 minute). What are good strategies that take advantage of my rival's time ...
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Practicing against an engine vs practicing over the board?

When I initially started playing chess I used books and board. Later, when I started using chess software, I think my game improved a lot for a time, and I got a rating of 2000 at But I am ...
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What chess games have violated commonly accepted principles?

There are certain chess principles that generally should be accepted and followed. I was wondering If anyone knew of any game or games that have gone against these principles and still resulted in a ...
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How not to use a chess engine?

How not to use a chess engine? What are the bad practices when using a chess engine, and the good ones? How trustworthy are their suggestions and evaluations?
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How do I become better at counter play when I'm down in material?

How do I practice counter play when I'm down material?
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Can I become a GM by playing 100 games per day without studying books, strategy, etc?

Some things in life you learn by simply doing, not just doing it, but doing it a lot. Practice makes perfection. I don't believe no-one is born a GM. Even Kasparov had to practice a lot. So has ...
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Eating and drinking before and during a game

Food and liquid intake provides a human body with energy. Yet having a meal before a chess game can cause the body to focus more on digestion than chess. While lack of energy during a six hour game ...
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Queen vs rook & knight with all pawns

I'm going through a chess tutorial (Shredder). One of the exercises begins where all pawns are in their starting positions. I have a queen and my opponent has a rook and a knight, again all in ...
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What should you do after blundering during a game?

Let's say you are playing a game. Then suddenly, you make a bad move and e.g. blunder material. How should you react afterwards? What mind-set should you have? Can you even benefit from the blunder?
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What is the etiquette (or tournament rule) for the act of capturing a piece?

There are a few different possible ways of capturing an opponent's piece. You could: Pick up both your piece and their piece simultaneously with both hands, then set your piece down where their piece ...
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What to do after losing a game?

What to do after losing a game? I think that this question is on everyones' minds after a loss. I am guessing that everyone has their own way of coping with a loss. The best way to cope with a loss ...
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5 answers

What is the better way to stop blundering all my games?

I am on the road that starts from the "Beginner" stage, trying to leave this "town". I know and understand the rules, I also understand most of the "classic" tactics. I am able to reproduce some ...
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What is the most effective way of reducing blunders?

Many people suggest tactical exercises as the best form of study for this purpose but I find that it only attacks the problem from one dimension (not making the strongest in a position). Analyzing my ...
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How do I learn a new opening?

Often times, when I find myself going through the lines of a new opening, one that I would like to start using in my games I hit the concrete wall after a couple of days of studying it. Due to the ...
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Best ways for improving "tactics"

I have been playing chess for a long time, and I have been around 1850-1900 ELO for quite some time. I have always wondered which are the best ways to improve the tactics. Does playing more and more ...
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Is allowing takebacks in friendly games a bad practice?

When I am playing friendly games with my brother, if one of us makes a big blunder that would make it pointless to continue playing, instead of quitting, we undo the move(s) to give a second chance (...
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How quickly must a move be completed?

I was playing in a tournament once, during a sequence of captures, my opponent could recapture my Knight about 4 different ways. He just removed it and carried on thinking. What should I have done?
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What are techniques to improve the number of moves thought through in advance?

I read somewhere that on average a GM can think up to 10-15 moves ahead in tactical positions. Is there any specific technique to improve this depth? Please do not provide a generic answer on how ...
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How do I analyze my game after playing?

What techniques do you use to analyze your games or other people's games? How much time do you spend on analyzing the game? Are there any tools (electronic or manual, such as a piece of paper) you ...
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