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Questions tagged [babaschess]

BabasChess is an Internet Chess Client for Windows. It has advanced and customizable features such as online playing, PGN viewer/editor, chess engines support for analyzing positions and chat features.

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4 votes
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Way to make a standard tell at beginning of game in Babas Chess?

I use Babas Chess as a client for FICS. I would like to have a standard tell be issued to my opponent when a game starts like "Hello from Chicago!" or whatever, but I cannot find out how to do this ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How to play against an engine using Babaschess [closed]

I want to play against the computer using some engine with the Babaschess program (most used interface program in FICS). I want different levels of strength if possible. In this link they talk about ...
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1 answer

Increase font of rank and file labels in babaschess

I'm trying to memorize the squares A-H 1-8, but its difficult when the labels are very tiny. How can I increase the font-size of the Rank and File labels in babaschess.
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How to make Stockfish always give the score from white's perspective in Winboard?

I use Stockfish 4 to analyze chess games in both Babaschess and Winboard. From time to time, Stockfish outputs a line with info like time, score, principal variation, etc. In Babaschess, the 'score' ...
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