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Questions tagged [arbiters]

For questions about arbiters, the authority figures in chess tournaments.

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7 answers

How should an arbiter handle copying moves from another game?

In 2004 the British illusionist, Derren Brown, despite being a very poor chess player scored +4 -3 =2 against 9 strong chess players including scoring 2/4 against 4 grandmasters in a simul. Of course ...
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4 answers

Arbiter ignored cheating, and I signed the scoresheet. Did I lose my right to object?

I am currently playing in an ELO tournament. Today, while I was playing, my opponent occasionally got up and walked around. At first, I did not care much. Then, I realized that some people were ...
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USCF: Should the arbiter correct illegal moves without a player claim?

Should an USCF arbiter correct illegal moves without a player claim? Here is the USCF link: USCF rules of chess Here is the FIDE link: FIDE rules of chess USCF and FIDE rules are NOT 100% equal. What ...
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If players are not writing their moves, can they claim a draw using the threefold repetition rule in an USCF or FIDE 30+0 chess tournament?

It is my understanding that the USCF expresses that if a player has less than 5 minutes in a 30+0 game, neither the player nor his/her opponent have the obligation to continue with chess notation. If ...
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What makes a draw "prearranged"?

A prearranged draw, if proven (how?), will earn the players a -:-. Now consider this situation: Today, big kids tournament by our club/school. Two players from the same school are paired, 1.e4 e5 Draw....
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