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Questions tagged [analysis]

Questions relating to the objective assessment of a position. The assessment may entail which side has the advantage, or what the best move might be.

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What’s the origin of “!” & “?”

Who first started to annotate chess moves with “!” for good & “?” for bad?! EDIT: Two data points: (1) 1859 "The Book of the First American Chess Congress." The annotated games have no ...
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Is "Pawn Pugilism" won for White or Black?

There might be another established word in English (in German it's "Bauernkloppe") for this training lesson for kids, but the rules are simple: Both sides have only the pawns at their usual ...
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Are these depth-41 Stockfish evals the result of a horizon effect?

I was using lichess's analysis board for Stockfish's analysis of this line in the French: [Title "French Defence, Steinitz Variation"] [StartFlipped "0"] [fen ""] 1. e4 ...
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Baroque/Ultima vs. Chess

Baroque a.k.a. Ultima is a chess variant in which all the pieces except the kings have quite different powers than in regulation chess. They all make non-capturing moves like queens (except the "...
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Can previous and continuing research on N-piece tablebases be used toward human theory of chess?

This follows another questions here: What is the status for EIGHT piece endgame tablebases? My answer there was appropriately removed as being question in reaction to that question, well in light of ...
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A game I might have read about, Kasparov had to analyse an opening line from scratch and ended up winning anyway?

If my memory isn't tricking me, didn't Kasparov once get a game where early in the opening he didn't know the line, so he sat down for 45 minutes and worked out that the best move is Qc7, and went on ...
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DTM in a random N-piece position

Formulate how many plies are the DTMs if there are multiple checkmate variations (Depth to Mate ignoring 50-move rule) for a random N-piece chess position if any checkmate exists, (and also consider ...
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Is white winning in chess with the 1st and 8th ranks reversed?

Here is the position I am referring to: [FEN "RNBQKBNR/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/rnbqkbnr w - - 0 1"] It seems that there are no forced checkmates for white, any f3-Qh4# plans are thwarted ...
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ChessBase and Scid vs Pc Annotation

I am legally blind, but I love to play chess. I like to annotate games. does it right in my opinion, but only because the arrows are thick and opaque. I am wondering, is it possible to ...
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How to use the GPU with python-chess and chess-engine

I am working on a project to import a number of games as a PGN (game = chess.pgn.read_game(pgn)) and then iterate over each game and each move to evaluation the position with stockfish. Using my ...
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What engine & setup can I use to analyze a Bughouse position from a single board only (one board), taking into account the pieces in hand?

I have looked at the Sjeng and the website and the answers in the other page. This is not quite a Crazyhouse equivalent analysis, due to the capture mechanics. The pages are very ...
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Unique checkmates count analysis

How many unique checkmates are there from this starting position? I can only see 5 lines on lichess from a game I've played and have tried several different moves. Mate in 4 is the fastest but I've ...
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Tools to study positions with partial information?

TL;DR Is there a chess engine or other tools to study a "position" where the exact location of certain pieces is not known? From the following chess position, a plan could be to win the a2 ...
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What's the fastest way to detect blunders with an engine?

My main goal is to detect blunders in chess games. I wrote a python program that loads a large pgn database and then analyses the games. I did it by letting Stockfish go through every game and every ...
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Is the following position a win for White or a draw?

The deceptively simple 11 piece position is hard to decifrate. In a Sicilian Defense, Paulsen variation, the following position appeared on the board: Grandellius vs Andreikin, Black to move. What ...
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