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For questions about Deep Mind's Alpha Zero chess engine.

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36 votes
2 answers

Understanding AlphaZero

Very recently, the news came out that Alphabet's DeepMind research team have extended their machine learning engine to play both Shogi and chess. Apparently, after only a few hours of self-learning, ...
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Which is better-Stockfish 10 or AlphaZero?

I know AlphaZero (an AI) is one of the best top chess engines but Stockfish is also improving. Which one is better at chess?
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9 votes
2 answers

List of how AlphaZero evaluates openings

In his process of learning Chess and getting stronger and stronger each second AlphaZero learned openings. Some were played often at the beginning, but lost in AlphaZero's popularity over the time (e....
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How is Alpha Zero "more human"?

I have a possibly naive question about AlphaZero. I have seen it described as playing in a "more human" style than other computers, but whatever it does, it gains about 100 ELO points by doing it. ...
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Hardware used in AlphaZero vs Stockfish match

I understand that AlphaZero has to use a different kind of hardware than regular Stockfish. I would expect that the hardware has a large effect on engine strength. That's why I wonder whether there ...
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Did AlphaZero also have to learn that each piece has a value?

When AlphaZero learned on its own that a queen has a value of 9, a pawn 1, knight 3, etc., then did it also need to learn on its own that a piece has a value? Or was it that the concept of value was ...
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2 answers

How does AlphaZero learn to evaluate a position it has never seen?

Following up from answers to: Understanding AlphaZero My question would be how the neural net "learns" what to do in a position it hasn't encountered. Saying the actual AZ executes an MCTS using the ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Did Stockfish have access to an opening book in its games against AlphaZero?

I have seen some commentary that implies that Stockfish did not have access to an opening book in its much-reported match with AlphaZero, but I cannot find a conclusive citation, and my inability to ...
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3 answers

Knowing that AlphaZero beat Stockfish 8 (28 wins, 0 losses, and 72 draws), what would AlphaZero's rating be?

I found three different questions here on SEC that asked what Stockfish 8's rating was for the match against AlphaZero, but none that asked what AlphaZero's rating should have been after (if it had ...
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2 answers

What was the source of randomness in the Alpha Zero vs Stockfish match?

My understanding is that Alpha Zero's algorithm was fixed after the "learning" phase, so would it come up with the same move for every position? Was the variability in the match entirely due to a ...
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2 answers

Alpha Zero vs Lc0 - time for self-play

Alpha Zero defeated Stockfish after only 9 hours of self-play. On the other hand, Lc0, has been training for several months and while attaining impressive strength (to say the least...) it's still not ...
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2 answers

Is AlphaZero deterministic?

AlphaZero searches for moves using Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS). As I understand MCTS, it takes the root position, goes to a child node, and then plays random moves until one side wins. Since the ...
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3 answers

Why does AlphaZero evaluate on the order of 1000 times less moves than Stockfish?

According to Deep mind's article, Alpha Zero searches roughly 10,000 moves per decision, while Stockfish is around 10,000,000 moves. I'm aware that Alpha Zero uses Monte Carlo Tree Search while ...
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AlphaZero and the revenge of the Artificial Intelligence

Answering this question, @SmallChess offered this answer: Before Google's chess journey, the chess engine community believed: AI chess will not beat classical programming because neural networks ...
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